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Products in the range

The Cetraben range offers product choice to encourage patient adherence as part of Complete Emollient Therapy

Cetraben Cream

Clinically effective

  • A unique formulation combining a high paraffin content with a humectant to soften skin and retain moisture
  • 13.2% White Soft Paraffin, 10.5% Light Liquid Paraffin and 4.5% Glycerin
Cosmetically acceptable
  • 96% of patients prefer Cetraben Cream to their previous emollient*
Easy to use
  • Wide range of fuss-free airless pumps with <2% wastage**
  • Unique formulation and optimal balance of paraffin and humectant 
  • Supports patient compliance usage regimes
  • Available in 4 convenient pack sizes with measured dosing for accuracy
Available in:
50g, 150g, 500g, 1050g
*Patient preference study, September 2013
**Chaplin S, Prescriber 2007



Cetraben Lotion

Clinically effective

  • A unique formulation with an excellent balance of paraffins, plus humectant to lock in moisture
  • 5% White Soft Paraffin, 4% Light Liquid Paraffin and 3% Glycerin

Cosmetically acceptable

  • 77% of patients agree Cetraben Lotion 'leaves their skin feeling soft'*

Easy to use

  • Easy, economical, no-spill airless pumps with <2% wastage**


  • Effective, pleasant and easy to use 
  • For patients who do not find creams cosmetically acceptable
  • For patients who need to cover large areas of eczema or dry skin
  • For busy patients who need their emollient to dry quickly
  • For patients who require a non-medicated "leave-on" emollient***

Available in:

200ml, 500ml 

*Patient preference study, September 2013
**Chaplin S. Prescriber 2007
***NICE CG57

How to prime the Centraben pump in 4 simple steps:

Cetraben Emollient Bath Additive

Clinically effective

  • Unique formulation - just 3 ingredients:
  • Fragrance, lanolin and preservative-free - suitable for all ages
  • 82.8% light liquid paraffin

Cosmetically acceptable

  • 96% preferred Cetraben Bath Additive to their previous bath oil*

Easy to use

  • Optic measure dispenses 10ml ensuring correct dose 
  • Unique, effective formulation
  • Easy dosing - 10ml for child's bath, 20ml for adult's bath
  • Can be used in shower
  • Drip and spill resistant to avoid accidents
  • Contoured bottle lets patient hold, squeeze and pour one-handed 
Available in:

*Patient preference study, September 2013




Cetraben Ointment

Clinically effective

  • A unique formulation with high paraffin levels to soften the skin and create a protective barrier
  • 35% white soft paraffin, 45% light liquid paraffin

Cosmetically acceptable

  • Preferred by users - favourite product overall for fragrance, colour, moisturisation, texture and suitability for daily use vs leading brands**

Easy to use

  • Unique and effective formulation
  • Ideal for use at night-time - can be used to complement emollient use during the day
  • Preferred by users**
  • Versatile - to encourage and support emollient therapy

Available in: 

125g, 450g

** Cetraben Ointment user preference study, August 2014